Working with clay.

I started working with clay in the year 2018, and this is year 2020. So, in this tutorial, I will share with you lessons that I learnt from the journey :)

  1. Clayey soil can exhibit different colours, but don't be disturbed about which colour is the best. Just ensure that the clay you want to use is not mixed with another type of soil (sandy or loamy).
  2. After you've gotten a good sample of clay into a container ( prefarably metallic), add water.
  3. The next step is pounding. You need to pound the clay until you get a very sticky paste of clay. If the water you added in step 2 is excessive, you can add more clay while still ponding, until you get the sticky paste.
  4. Now, lay a nylon on an hard surface (the nylon will ensure that your clay work doesn;t get stick to the hard surface), and then mould anything you like.
  5. Note:

    Clay works don't like to be disturbed while drying, so, it's good to leave whatever you mould until it's completely dry.
    Always handle your clay objects with care, because they can break easily.

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