How to make a mini refractory furnace the poor boy's way...
When I wanted to start my journey of aluminium casting, I came across many articles - on the internet - about how to make a refracttory furnace. But I had a problem with the way many of those experimentalist made their own furnace, and the problem is the availability of fire bricks in my area. I searched for fire bricks, but I couldn't get it, and so, I chose clayin lieu of fire bricks.

The following are the steps to make the furnace:
  1. Get a rigid container, be it a plastic or a metallic one. Lay nylon inside it like I did in the image below, and put a cup or anything circular at the centre. After the clay has dried up, this circular object will leave a circular hole for the gas burner to transfer fire into the furnace.

  2. Fill the base of the cotainer with clay

  3. Then fill the container from the base up, living a hole that is a little bigger than the size of your crucible at the middle. But you should know that the thicker your furnace is, the more difficult it will be for heat to escape your furnace.

  4. You'll need a cover for this furnace. Get two thick - but pliable - pieces of iron, and bend them to form a shape like those in the image below

  5. Lay a piece of nylon on an hard surface and form a circular pellet according to the size of your furnace. Then stick the two pieces of iron that you have bent into the circular pelet of clay. Don't forget to leave a hole at the centre of the pellet, as the hole will be the way of escape for the smoke produced by the fire.

  6. Smoothen up your work. If you like, you may write the date or anything you like on it. That's all about the cover.

  7. The last thing to make is the furnace stand. The stand is the thing will lift the furnace high above the furnace. Just form an object as I did in the image below.

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